Root of Passion

No risks. No chances. For Grace Owens, that means no romance. No matter how attractive she finds Dina Devereaux, she's not giving in. Any distraction from the extraordinary demands of her career as a vascular surgeon could cost a life.

Grace's obsession with work could cost a life, all right, and her friend Margo thinks the life lost could be Grace's. She unveils a treasured secret—a potion she acquired in South America that could change Grace's outlook on life—at least for one night.


The surgeon in Grace knows a fake when she sees it. To her surprise, however, the woman within is intrigued. What if it really works? If she let herself go, just once, would that allow her to return to her work, free of the increasing distraction that Dina represents?


When an attractive stranger offers a wild trip to Las Vegas, the choice is clear. Should she or shouldn't she? Long used to saying no, Grace is shocked to realize how much she wants to say Yes.


Ann Roberts' inventive tale of passion and romance explores the magic that happens when a woman allows herself to explore all her possibilities.


ISBN 9781594931550e

ISBN 9781594931550