Petra's Canvas

Once upon a time, Dani O'Grady let the artist Petra use her body as a canvas and became an anonymous Internet legend. She was also banned from Provincetown-it's a long story.

As a powerful CEO who prides herself on control, she keeps professional deals and personal pleasures strictly separate. The luscious, aggressive Cat, a guest at her son's wedding, seems like a harmless dalliance.

Once Dani untangles exactly who Cat is, she knows she's got trouble. Adding to her problems is the beautiful, mysterious Rafi, who sells very grown-up sweets in the one place Dani is not supposed to go...

From the skyscrapers of New York to the top of Pilgrim Monument, Dani has Drama with a capital D in this erotic, giddy romance from Ann Roberts.


ISBN 9781594932311e

ISBN 9781594932311