Deadly Intersections (Book #3 in the Ari Adams mystery series)

When realtor Ari Adams discovers the body of a prominent businessman during a luncheon, the case fortunately falls in the lap of her girlfriend Detective Molly Adams. But when the death is ruled a suicide and Molly is pulled from the case, Ari is suspicious. And she begins to wonder if her current client isn't involved.

While her professional life veers onto a dangerous road, her personal life could explode at any time. Her absent father suddenly reappears, a woman from her past proves to be a great temptation and Molly seems ready to crumble from the new case she inherits and her continued quest to uncover corruption in the police department.

Everyone has questions, but many of the answers turn out to be lies. Nobody but Ari wonders if business greed, familial revenge, dirty cops and shady investments might all intersect—with deadly consequences.


ISBN 9781594932243e
ISBN 9781594932243