Keeping Up Appearances

Women with secrets. Each with her own reason for keeping up appearances at Cedar Hills Elementary, a school that boasts high academic standards and a spotless reputation.

Principal Faye Burton has recently begun a relationship with coworker Andrea "Andi" Loomis, a woman who lives in fear that their homophobic boss will learn the truth and fire them both.


High-powered, formidable attorney Constance "the Steamroller" Richardson is plotting an appropriate and highly visible revenge against Faye and Andi on behalf of her autistic nephew, a boy she adopted when her sister died. He is the reminder of a debt she owes. One that she can never repay.


Eighth-grader Pandy Webber has decided she wants to live—maybe. She has a new life at Cedar Hills but memories of the past constantly intrude and threaten her mental stability and her future.


Set against the backdrop of middle-school, Keeping up Appearancesis a tense and absorbing story, rich in immediacy and authenticity, about LGBT teachers and their students of today, navigating their way through their classrooms and campus politics and the dangerously rooted prejudices of our 21st century America.



ISBN 9781935226437

ISBN 9781935226437e