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Paid in Full (2006)

quiet Sunday afternoon takes a deadly turn for real estate agent Ari Adams, who discovers the corpse of a business tycoon in one of her listings. When her best friend, Bob, becomes the prime suspect...

Furthest From the Gate (2006)

Kate Mitchell notices girls in first grade, and despite the messages of the straight world, Kate's rebellious nature forces her not to comply. She finds herself in many memorable mishaps - she ruins a wedding, takes a girl to the middle school dance, and falls in love with her best friend.

Brilliant (2007)

Respected sociology professor Diane Cole has written the book on love. Every matter of the heart is neatly explained, and Diane's life spins in a smooth circle. At her fortieth birthday party a beautiful young stranger named Ronnie Frost surprises her with a kiss...

White Offerings (2008)

A beautiful or obsession?

Ari Adams is sure that her best friend, Jane Frank, doesn't have to worry about the mysterious orchids that appear in more and more personal settings.

Beach Town (2008)

Kira Drake lives in the closet to protect her skyrocketing movie career. Controlled by her mother and her domineering agent, Kira's love life consists of hidden affairs and short liaisons. But then a location shoot takes her to Ocean Beach, California—an idyllic seaside town. Away from her mother and agent, Kira savors her freedom and is charmed by the liberal locals who seem to embrace everyone.

Flynn McFadden, a veterinary student and surfing instructor, quickly catches Kira's eye...

Root of Passion (2009)

No risks. No chances. For Grace Owens, that means no romance. No matter how attractive she finds Dina Devereaux, she's not giving in.


Keeping Up Appearances (2010)

Women with secrets. Each with her own reason for keeping up appearances at Cedar Hills Elementary, a school that boasts high academic standards and a spotless reputation.

Principal Faye Burton has recently begun a relationship with coworker Andrea "Andi" Loomis, a woman who lives in fear that their homophobic boss will learn the truth and fire them both.


Beacon of Love (2010)

Lambda finalist

Older and wiser, it should have been easy to go home...

Twenty-five years ago Stephanie left beautiful Eugene, Oregon, and her beautiful best friend behind. She also left behind her parents' bitter warfare and the truth that her feelings for Paula weren't about friendship.


Deadly Intersections (2011)

Goldie finalist

When realtor Ari Adams discovers the body of a prominent businessman during a luncheon, the case fortunately falls in the lap of her girlfriend Detective Molly Adams. But when the death is ruled a suicide and Molly is pulled from the case, Ari is suspicious. And she begins to wonder if her current client isn't involved.


Petra's Canvas (2011)

Once upon a time, Dani O'Grady let the artist Petra use her body as a canvas and became an anonymous Internet legend. She was also banned from Provincetown-it's a long story.


Hidden Hearts (2011)

A love story where losing may be the only way to win...


With staggering student loans to repay, CC Carlson is determined to please her new employers. The first assignment as a real estate lawyer is easy: deliver an eviction notice and make it clear that it will be enforced.

Standing in her way is Penn, a lawyer herself who is determined to win.


Point of Betrayal (2013)

Goldie winner

Lambda finalist

Rebuilding is hard, especially when both hearth and heart have been badly wounded. Renovating her home after an explosion occupies most of Ari Adams’ time. Her heart remains unhealed—nine months later her former girlfriend, Molly Nelson, is still not speaking to her. Worst of all, that wound was self-inflicted.


The Complete Package (2014)

Adrift for years since her partner's death and her son's estrangement, Lenny Barclay isn't sure what she wants. Her friends despair of cheering her up. Even making her mayor of their idyllic Colorado mountain town doesn't awaken the joyous, passionate Lenny they once knew.

But the arrival of the corporate planners from the Wilderness Campaign brings back some of Lenny's fire. They already act like they own the place, including the arrogant Sloane McHenry. Pinedale—and her fractured family—does not need a Fortune 500 fix.


A Grand Plan (2015)

The vibrant Phoenix art happening First Friday promises business and pleasure for Ari Adams. For one thing, moving on from the painful past she shared with Molly Nelson has brought a new woman into her life. But an old building with a body inside threatens the art community and implicates every member of the First Friday Council.

The Pleasure of the Chase (2016)

For Parnelli “Nellie” Rafferty, the sexiest things in the world are women and automobiles.Jos Grant is just trying to get by. She stumbled into automotive espionage by accident, but when she realized how much she could make selling photos to magazines, and how thrilling it was to chase a Ferrari across Death Valley, she dumped her computer job.


Until now, Nellie and the fast lane have always been a match made in heaven. But doing whatever is necessary to get the shot begins to lose its appeal when her attraction to her new, fiercest competitor begins to grow.

A Secret to Tell (2017)

Five women. Five secrets. 

Attorney Victor Guzman knows their secrets, so it’s no surprise when he’s found dead in his law firm’s restroom. 

Real estate agent/amateur sleuth Ari Adams and her girlfriend, ex-cop-turned-private-investigator Molly Nelson, are working hard to build their careers and rebuild their relationship. 

Vagabond Heart (2017)

Contractor Quinn O’Sullivan has traveling in her blood. Her aunt is a famous travel writer while Quinn herself moves from one apartment complex to the next as her team remodels them.

When dear Aunt Maura kicks the bucket on her beloved Route 66, she leaves a dying request for Quinn—to take her on one last adventure.