Little Thankfuls

While I’m certainly most thankful for all the major things of my life, there’s lots of little things and  moments that deserve a nod of appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving today, and every day.

My list of “little thankfuls”

Hearing a great song by an artist I don’t know

My latest is “Two High” by Moon Taxi.

Leaf vacuums

This never would’ve been on my list until this year, and mine is already jammed—after an hour.

An audible response by an entire audience, confirming what I’m feeling

I’m remembering a standing ovation at the end of ET in 1982 and the GASPS toward the end of The Last Jedi.

A pen that feels perfect in my hand and actually improves my handwriting

Catching nature in a picture-perfect moment

Witnessing a child’s or young person’s triumph with something challenging

A task that is supposed to be quick and easy… Is. Just. That.

A great ending of a wonderful book, one that stays with me, sometimes for days

Paper seat protectors in a gross bathroom

That moment right before the rollercoaster plummets

Laughing so hard I struggle to catch my breath

Finding something on the clearance rack that becomes a favorite

Having a great idea in the spur of the moment, and others thinking it is equally fantabulous

Saying exactly the right thing to someone in need

Finding the best food or drink, according to my taste buds

For me that would be the orange juice at The Cliff House in San Francisco, Tobin James’ Fatboy wine, and my friend Michelle’s bread pudding.

Standing at the line between surf and sand, closing my eyes and listening

When everything on a DIY project goes exactly as planned

This has never happened to me personally, but perhaps someone reading this can relate.

Witnessing a moment of kindness between strangers


What are some of your “little thankfuls?”

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