A Poem for Conference

Twas the Night Before Conference

Twas the night before conference,

And all through the hotel,

Giddy laughter was heard,

It was impossible to quell.


Silent Auction was ready,

The swag it was stuffed,

Jessie brought T-shirts

But prob’ly not enough.


General Judy had checked

Every last little detail,

And Liz had checked too,

There was no way it would fail.


Beth, Taylor and Alison,

The Con Virgins they’d lead

They had gifts and advice

And a song up their sleeves.


Ms. Mercedes’ ducks

Were lined up in a row,

Presidents they resembled

But not Taft or Woodrow (There’s no “o” ending president, people.)


The moderators were prepared

Panel questions were written

Sacred Sex, Murder and Gore,

Let’s hope no one gets bitten!


Classes were many

Dialogue, social media and tech to name a few,

How could we see them all?
I have no clue!


It all would lead

to that Saturday night,

When lesbians dressed up,

And their het sisters were contrite.


So this week we’ll converge,

On unsuspecting D.C.

Get your hugs ready,

It’s time for GCLS 2016!


I hope you enjoyed my attempt at poetry, and I hope you’ll surf around my new website. I’m so excited about seeing everyone this coming week. I’m bringin’ the wife to meet y’all. She’ll be the woman in the dog T-shirt. If you’re new to GCLS, please feel free to come up and say hi. We’re a friendly bunch!


As for my own conference schedule, in addition to running around assisting GCLS, I’ll be at the following:

Moderating Author Spotlight on Wednesday at 4:10

Author Spotlight Reading on Thursday at 11:40

Author Autograph Session! – I’ve got my special pen ready.

“Tension, Friction, and Chemistry Panel” on Friday at 9:30

Moderating the Murder panel Friday at 1:20

Moderating Author Spotlight on Saturday at 9:20


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  1. Hey Ann! That was great. You should have tried something like that at the end of the school year for teachers/ staff talent show. You do have hidden talents!!! Have a great time

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